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Multi-select "shallow" product category menu etc.
Last Post 10/11/2010 08:03 PM by Kevin DNNspot. 1 Replies.
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ShamilSUser is Offline
New Member
New Member

10/11/2010 06:07 PM

    Hi --

    I'm looking for the following functionality:

    - products categories menu;

    - custom "bread-crumbs";

    - current filtering criteria;

    - displayed product list and

    - current web page URL with parameters -

    all the above parts working "in harmony",namely:

    Picture 1

    1). Shallow (two levels deep only) navigation context dependent product  category menu - (1).
        Quantity of available products is shown for each category.
        If there are no products available for a certain category then that product
        category is not displayed in the category menu.
        Product category root entry and all its child entries is removed from
        product category menu when a selection is done for any child category
        of that root entry in product  category menu. That selection is "moved"
        to "currently applied filtering criteria area" - (3).
        Product category root entry and all its child entries is "set back" to
        product category menu when an item is deleted (unchecked) in
        "currently applied filtering criteria area" - (3).

    2).  "Bread-crumbs" following product category menu selections but not
          the actual page navigation: base web page stays the same -
          just URL parameters/"user-friendly" url is changing while selecting product
          category menu items (dnn module should read URL parameters and filter out
          displayed product list accordingly) - as the following:
         - Men's Tennis Footwear  (base web page selected by using root category)

         - Men's Tennis Footwear - Performance (1393)

         - Men's Tennis Footwear - Performance (1393) - Size 8.5 (1571)

         - Men's Tennis Footwear - Performance (1393) - Size 8.5 (1571) - brand Adidas (1266)

    3).  Currently applied filtering criteria area with items corresponding to
           the selected product category menu items. The latter items together
           with their siblings and parent entry are removed from product category menu (1).

    4). "ITEMS FOUND" information.

    5).  "Sort by" drop-down list.

    6).  "Items per page" drop-down list.

    7).  Paged navigation of selected product list items.

    8). "Start new search" navigation element available on product list page.

    Picture 2

    9). "Quick view" functionality as on the above picture

    Thank you.

    Kevin DNNspotUser is Offline
    Veteran Member
    Veteran Member

    10/11/2010 08:03 PM
    Product pagination is available in the latest store version, although the # of products per page is not user-selectable, the store owner/admin just chooses the page size.
    DNNspot Customer Support
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